how to keep a baseball catcher cool

The catcher is a position in baseball that plays behind home plate. The catcher has many responsibilities and is part of the "battery" with the pitcher. The main job of the catcher is to catch pitches and to help call the game. The catcher is one of the most important players on defense as they are involved in every play. ... More

how to chromecast the app live stream player

To make it possible, with the help of this device, you can stream, Live TV channels at free of cost. TVTAP is one of the best online streaming app out there in the market for Android, iOS, Android Box, Roku and firestick. ... More

how to know if a man really loves u

6/05/2016 When someone really cares about you and loves you because he loves you and not because expect something from the relationship that begins to develop, it takes a completely different tint: there is ... More

how to find time in exponential growth

The rate of exponential growth of a bacterial culture is expressed as generation time, also the doubling time of the bacterial population. Generation time (G) is defined as the time (t) per generation (n = number of generations). Hence, G=t/n is the equation from which calculations of generation time … ... More

how to get job at construction site reddit melbourne

construction site and adjoining community. It must also consider broader obligations including recycling, waste management and environmental initiatives. 2. Purpose of a Construction Management Plan This Construction Management Plan Guideline provides advice for builders and developers when completing the City of Melbourne’s CMP template or when formulating their individual CMP for ... More

how to get facebook events to sync with iphoen calendar

23/07/2018 · In this Article: Article Summary Using iTunes Using iCloud Desktop on Windows Community Q&A. This wikiHow teaches you how to sync events, contacts, tasks, and other calendar items between your personal calendars on Outlook and iCloud, using an iPhone or iPad. ... More

how to find vertical angles

Pairs of angles worksheets contain complementary and supplementary angles, linear pair, vertical angles, angles in a straight line, angles around a point, adjacent angles and more. Angles Formed by a Transversal. There are seven types of angle pairs formed by a transversal, including corresponding angles, alternate and same side (consecutive) angles. Identify the relationship and find the ... More

itunes how to get app store back

Now that Apple has removed the ability to access the iOS App Store in iTunes 12.7 on Mac/Windows (See MacRumors article), I can't find any way to download an IPA file from the App Store. ... More

how to get to 1000 steps spokane

"Get past the stigma. The outcome's too important." The outcome's too important." Also, check with professional associations to learn about a therapist's expertise -- whether they provide ... More

how to make a fish stand out of pallets

Our How to make a tv stand out of pallets plans incorporate detailed drawings and specifications that will allow you to finish your project efficiently. They will provide the information you need to successfully complete a project and provide a list of the materials, tools, screws, and hardware that are needed to finish the piece. All the totally free woodworking plans are in many different ... More

how to get crackle on roast port

If the pork has cooked but the rind hasn’t crackled, remove the rind and return the rind to the barbecue and roast over indirect medium heat (190°C to 230°C) for 15 minutes to crackle whilst the pork roast … ... More

how to get snapchat on windows phone 2017

Download Snapchat for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Choose your platform to download latest version of Snapchat apk for mobile phone. Choose your platform to download latest version of Snapchat apk for mobile phone. ... More

how to get rid of a cramp in your stomach

21/03/2017 · Warming your stomach area can help to relax your muscles and reduce any tightness or cramps. Use a hot-water bottle, microwaveable compress, or electric heating-blanket and place it over your ... More

how to grow the best tomatoes from seed

30/09/2018 Know when to plant. Planting tomatoes must be done at a specific time of the year for the best results. Because tomatoes are sun loving plants, they grow ... More

how to learn revit mep

Revit Architecture is a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) program that works the way Architects think. From Preliminary Design through Design Development, and into Construction Documents, the program streamlines the design process with a central 3D model. ... More

how to write medical leave email

The medical leave letter provides a written request for a leave of absence from work for medical reasons. It’s also a good idea to speak to colleagues who may help fill your position before submitting your medical leave letter. ... More

how to use basal body temperature to get pregnant

22/04/2014 · Use a basal body temperature chart from your doctor to record your temperatures. When you see a surge in your temperature, you may be ovulating. Tracking these changes in your body … ... More

how to get a mortgage first time buyer

Happily, there are plenty of these mortgages on the market aimed squarely at first-time buyers. If you do manage to squirrel away the 5% of a property’s value, there are now a number of mortgage lenders willing to lend up to 95% loan-to-value (LTV) mortgages. ... More

how to look up history on google chrome

Deleting your browsing history will take effect on all devices where youve turned sync on in Chrome. Your history will be removed from Chrome. Separately, y ou can also delete your Google search history from your account. See your history. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app . At the top right, tap More History. If your address bar is at the bottom, swipe up on the address ... More

how to go to sleep on a bed in minecraft

Here are Dr Hensen’s top tips for improving sleep quality: 1. Go to bed about the same time every night and wake up the same time each morning. 2. Avoid long naps if possible — no longer than ... More

how to get sound come thru headphones for xbox one

8/03/2018 · This should allow you to adjust the game volume through your Xbox One headset. If you’re having issues with the audio not coming through, you … ... More

how to get an internship at spacex

Geehan is hoping the internship eventually becomes a full-time position, although she still plans to pursue her graduate work here at Florida Tech. I always intended to get a masters degree, and I will still do that, just as a part-time student, Geehan said. ... More

how to find a cricket in your house

In ancient China, a cricket was a sign of luck because it indicated that a family would be prosperous. This belief may be connected to the influx of crickets into fields every spring, which farmers used as an indicator that it was time to plant their crops. ... More

how to get starter skins for csgo no money

You get cases and weapon skins through timed drops, and you can open cases by purchasing keys. However you're almost always better off just buying the skins you want instead of buying keys. However you're almost always better off just buying the skins you want instead of buying keys. ... More

how to get her back for good pdf

Getting Her Back For Good Pdf - A wonderful self enable tip is to always keep as centered as you can on the process at hand. Keeping focused can be a problem in the commencing but you will shortly recognize that the a lot more exertion you put in to preserving your focus, the simpler it will get in excess of time. Getting Her Back For Good - Look for the expertise that is true and useful. Don ... More

how to give a car image a dirty look

Now that we have our background image, we can start looking for our car image to put on it. To check if the cars match the background, create a new document (Ctrl/Cmd + N) in Photoshop at 1200x800px and bring the background image into it. ... More

how to get a clearasil stain out of carpet

Carpet Cleaning NY on 2009 at 2:59 am. We get this and its from spot treatments like Oxy10 or Clearasil Acne Cream. Its like your body absorbs it and its excreted in your sweat and drool. I combat it with white white white and bleach! Reply. Jennifer on March 5, 2009 at 6:43 am. My husband has a very oily complexion and Ive never been able to get the stains out. I suspect my ... More

how to include page number in footer with writing

13/11/2018 · Headers and footers can contain text, page numbers, page counts, and the date and time. You can add headers and footers—which can include text, page numbers, page counts, and the date and time—to your document and then set where you want them to appear. ... More

how to fix inflatable boat

Preperaring PVC patch . Mark out and cut your PVC patch . Cut patch to extend at least two inches (40-50 mm) beyond the tear. Round the edges, square cornered patches are more likely to catch and peel than rounded ones. ... More

how to grow mulberry trees in pots

3. Mulberry. Mulberry trees prefer warmth and lots of indirect light so consider its placement. Rice recommends selecting a dwarf mulberry variety such as Red Shahtoot, and house in a pot with good drainage a third of the trees height. ... More

how to get the best support in woomens wk shoes

... More

how to get rid of 3d mode on htc one

This concludes our tutorial on how to delete a child from the Kid Mode application on the HTC One M8. If you have any questions or comments about this video, or about the process you've seen in this video, then please leave them in the "Comments" section below, and we shall answer them for you. ... More

how to go up and down in console hurtworld

Make sure you set up the Oxide API correctly (download instructions in original post), then you want our Oxide.Ext.LivemapIO.dll file to go inside Hurtworld_Data/Managed. Make sure your server is offline when you do this, then boot it up. ... More

how to include string in title matlab

In example 1, the date and time are combined into one string which is appended to the end of a generic variable named data. In example 2, the variable names are stored as strings that are contained in a cell array. The values that will be saved in the variables are contained inside of a numeric array. A for loop is used to save each value in the variable named in each string. ... More

how to get rid of tan marks fast

In this article, we are explaining the best remedies to get rid of bruises fast. Some of the remedies will even help to get rid of bruises in 24 hours. Some of the remedies will even help to get rid … ... More

how to get rid of brown spots on face

While brown spots are most common in people over 40, they are also common with people who have fair skin, or a history of sun exposure. Even though brown spots on face are common, that doesnt mean theres nothing you can do about them. ... More

how to jump a dead battery

But instead of connecting the other end of the cable to the negative post of the dead battery, clamp it to a bare, metal surface on the engine of the dead car — like a bolt or a screw. This will provide grounding for the jump start. ... More

how to find my windows live id password

22/01/2016 If you have lost or forgot your windows 10 password to login to windows, then this video is for you. I will show you a real easy way to reset or clear the forgotten password ... More

how to fix my cell phone touch screen

How To Fix A Cracked Cell Phone Screen November 21, 2012 at 6:15 pm Filed Under: Cell Phones , Consumer , DigiExpress , Electronics , iPad , iPhone , iTouch , Kimberly Gill , Repair , Smart Phone ... More

how to help someone with drug induced psychosis

Drug-induced psychosis is the development of psychiatric symptoms in association with drug consumption or withdrawal. It can be brought on by prescription medications used entirely legitimately, as well as in response to drug abuse. ... More

how to get mew in pokemon yellow 3ds

Starting next Monday, Feb. 1, players can download one rare creature a month for any of their Nintendo 3DS Pokémon games. Mew is kicking off 2016's distribution calendar. ... More

how to get chicken hat ragnarok

To get chicken eggs with a better quality, you’ll require a constantly optimized surrounding inside your coop. Cleansing your coop frequently will be required due to the fact that germs and diseases will easily propagate in a damp and messy coop. If possible, you’ll want to prevent a messy condition within your chicken coop by layering the floor with lots of straw or even pine shavings. If ... More

how to find revenue of a company

If your company has offshore person tax status, that is, more than 25% of the shareholdings are held by overseas shareholders, you will need to provide some evidence to Inland Revenue after you've submitted the new company application. ... More

xbox one how to get custom gamerpic

30/05/2018 Custom Gamerpics on Xbox One Whenever I go to the custom gamerpic whether it be pc, xbox or phone it says im underage when im clearly above the age of 18. So what i'm asking is any idea how to get through this? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (0) Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed ... More

how to find remembered passwords in firefox

While convenient, this shortcut also makes their passwords very easy to find if you have access to the computer they're stored on. Here's how to view stored passwords on Firefox and ... More

how to get a costa coffee card

Caffe Nero, in comparison, gives you a free coffee for every nine you buy, making Costa is effectively three times less ''rewarding'' than its competitors. Plus, if you bring your own cup to Caffe ... More

how to get medical marijana for pain on westrrn australia

For years he sought relief from a cocktail of opioids and other painkillers, but when the pain got worse and the side effects from the medication became too much, his GP began the long process of applying for permission to prescribe medical cannabis. ... More

how to find out dimensions of an image mac

The image size of a print, for example, a poster or picture will be given in cm. or inch (England, USA). This refers to the size of the paper or canvas. The size of a printed photo can be, for example, 10x15cm, or for a poster 90x60cm. ... More

how to fix recource packs

31/08/2015 · Watch video · how to get skin packs and texture packs for free on minecraft! (easy) ps4 ps3 xbox one xbox 360 ... More

how to get rid of date and time on gopro

5/07/2018 · I too would like the screen on my smartphone to not have the time, date and all those little information icons on top so I could admire my wallpaper without the interference of the "time" and other informative stuff. Now I have to run out and get an Android so my smartphone can be just like I like it. ... More

how to get a loan for a mobile home

HUD reports that the most common financing option for a mobile home is a retail installment contract. In this type of loan, the owner agrees to pay for the mobile home ... More

how to find where functions intercept

I am trying to intercept all dynamically loaded functions that call syscall openat with a library comm.so using LD_PRELOAD mechanism. Consider the following use of /sbin/depmod command: ... More

how to make wire chafing dishes look good

Simply unfold the buffet wire rack to look like a regular buffet chafing stand. To keep your food warm ,you will need to add (2) two chafing dish fuel cans at the bottom of the rack. To keep your food warm ,you will need to add (2) two chafing dish fuel cans at the bottom of the rack. ... More

how to get rid of carpenter ants in kitchen

19/05/2008 Best Answer: tell them you pay by the job, not by the hour . . . . no, wait, that's just carpenters in general. But seriously . . . Carpenter Ants can be exterminated via either do-it-yourself methods or by calling in Professional Pest Controllers. ... More

how to find bandwidth of internet connection

The maximum bandwidth of the 2.4GHZ is 50mbs, on my 200mbs connection. Meanwhile my 5ghz connection can use all 200mbs. But never falls below 150mbs if … ... More

usearch how to join fastq files without merging

Tools to merge overlapping paired-end reads Introduction. In very simple terms, current sequencing technology begins by breaking up long pieces of DNA into lots more short pieces of DNA. The resultant set of DNA is called a "library" and the short pieces are called "fragments". Each of the fragments in the library are then sequenced individually and in parallel. There are two ways of ... More

how to fix up ramen noodles

It's a good idea to break up the noodles so they are all in the water and receive equal amounts of heat and moisture from the hot water. Tip Question Comment. Step 4: Microwave the Noodles for 5 Minutes. If you have time, its a good idea to stir the noodles every minute but it is not absolutly required. The pictures show the noodles in progression of how it breaks down each minute. Tip ... More

how to get a job at academy

NEXT Academy's alumni Petr shares his experience and advice on picking the best coding bootcamp and also how you can get a high-paying job. ... More

how to long jump csgo

I find these three general strategies have consistently over the years benefitted me in playing counter strike better. Don't shoot and move (including jump) at the same time. While your character is moving, your accuracy is greatly reduced. ... More

how to get rid of pigeons and indian mynas

There are still hundreds of pigeons in the CBD as well as countless starlings, sparrows and Indian mynas. Its likely to be a constant job just to keep pest bird numbers under control with no ... More

how to get to new orleans airport

Scan through flights from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) to Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) for the upcoming week. Sort the list by any column, and click on a dollar sign to see the latest prices available for each flight. ... More

how to fix commitment phobia

Top 15 Signs of a Commitment Phobic If you want marriage and children and/or a commitment and you are dating or living with a CP, I suggest you question yourself as to why you would find it ... More

how to fix tough turkey wings

Add wings and drumsticks only. Sear outside to brown, turning as needed, about 5 minutes. Sear outside to brown, turning as needed, about 5 minutes. Add necks so that all the meat is single layer in the pan. ... More

pokemon fire red how to get through pokemon mansion

Probably not. I'll be honest and say that my main interest for this game was the ability to get the Mystery Box for Meltan in Pokemon Go. I just found out that I could use someone elses file to ... More

how to know if your nose is fractured

Well to answer the first part the way you know if your nose is broken is if it is gushing with blood and it really really hurts. ・ Pain ・ Swelling; ・ Bleeding without stop ・ Bruises on face ・ Altered shape ・ Crackling sound when tou... ... More

how to get to 667 silverwood drive jimboomba

Shop for kids chair upholstered online at Target. Free shipping on purchases over $35 and save 5% every day with your Target REDcard. Free shipping on purchases over $35 and save 5% every day with your Target REDcard. ... More

how to get flies out of my house

This will help stop the flies from being able to access your home. How To Get Rid Of Flies Whilst Outside. You now know how to repel flies from your house but what about you. If you are planning a camping trip or you want to go fishing, there are also measures you can take to repel flies from annoying you all day. First you’ll want to dress in the right colours. Flies and Mosquitos are ... More

how to grow native trees from seed

Before planting native trees or plants, dig the ground over well. Where there is clay, add a little gypsum. Your soil need not be rich, but tropical specimens do prefer organic matter. Mulch and manures are preferable to chemical fertilisers as many native plants do not like high levels of phosphorus. ... More

how to get bonus trada casino

Trada is a great casino with a huge games collection, helpfull and extremely friendly support, from time to time nice bonuses like 50 free spins for a small 10 EUR deposit which Ifind in my mailbox and last but not least good payouts. With my first deposit (20 EUR) I managed to get over 1000 EUR. Definitely a recommendation for Trada!!! ... More

how to care for a betta fish 101

4/04/2012 Hey Guys, This is a simple thread about how to care for a beta fish. Many fish keepers have owned a beta fish at one time in there lives, or cared for one. Yet, there are many problems or different ideas about caring for betas. That is why I'm here ... More

how to get rfid ink packs off clothing

RFID blocking wallets, sleeves, and other products offer protection against RFID skimming. The problem isn't that these products don't work, it's that they're a solution to a … ... More

how to get gas out of your stomach while pregnant

Stomach cramps are a normal part of early pregnancy Gentle exercise or a warm bath can sooth cramps Mention your cramps to your midwife or GP, especially if they get worse Stomach cramps in early pregnancy are fairly common. Although early pregnancy pains are usually nothing to worry about, its ... More

how to find the ip address of people on teamspeak

TeamSpeak Server Information TeamSpeak IP address: teamspeak. outcastserver.com TeamSpeak Client: Version 3 TeamSpeak v3 Client can be downloaded directly from TeamSpeaks own website. TeamSpeak v3 Client Download Link www.TeamSpeak.com. The Outcast ... More

majoras mask how to get water

You can find up to 6 Bottles in Majora's Mask which can all carry the same things except can be quite difficult to get. Bottle #1 - Once you have rescued Koume … ... More

how to find cardiac output

tips when using cardiac output monitors there is no ‘normal’ CVP or wedge -> follow trend and look at the response to treatment abnormal hearts (ischaemic, fibrotic, contused) are less compliant so require higher filling pressures to reach ‘normal’ SV. ... More

how to get rid of acrylic nail fungus

Quick Way To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus. Acrylic Nail Fungus; How To Get Rid Of Fingernail Fungus; Nonyx Nail Gel Nail Fungus Cure; Toe Fungus Infection; Quick Way To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus Acrylic Nail Fungus ... More

how to know if you are an analytical thinker

Read on to find out the five most important analytical skills, as well as sub-lists of more additional skills sought by employers. You can also use these skills as keywords to include in your job application. ... More

how to check ammonia levels in fish tank without kit

Thus, test kits should NEVER detect ammonia in an established tank. If your test kit detects ANY ammonia, levels are too high and are stressing fish. Take corrective action immediately by changing water and identifying the source of the problem. ... More

how to fix heater fan on d 22 navara

Hello all. Trying to locate the fan speed resistor on a 2005 D22. The fan has stopped working on speed 1. Still works on all other speeds fine so Im guessing its a faulty resistor. ... More

how to get an old friend to like you

A reader, anonymous, writes (10 June 2008): your kind of giving out messages already. with you and him being what i would call child sweethearts and he may like you back and trying to be cool headed like the saying treat them mean to keep them keen sorta thing and … ... More

how to get kids youtube on windows 10

Youtube Kids for Windows 8.1 is designed especially for the children, and they will love using the application. To make the exploration easy the videos in the ... More

how to get more clients as a nail technician

Manicurists and pedicurists usually work in a nail salon, spa, or hair salon. The job involves a lot of sitting. Those who own a mobile grooming company travel to their clients’ locations. Manicurists and pedicurists must complete a state-approved cosmetology or nail technician program and then ... More

how to get kittens to stop biting and attacking

While learning to stop kittens from biting, be patient with her. The cat is biting for a reason. Try to understand the reason and handle her carefully The cat is biting for a reason. Try to understand the reason and handle her carefully . ... More

how to get someone out of deep depression

So you get up and watch television, you wonder where your life went, you hate your job, there’s not enough passion in your relationship, the house needs cleaning, you won’t get enough sleep ... More

how to join jpeg images together

30/12/2018 · combine 2 photos on one jpeg file I simply want to print two photos on one photo. I have downloaded the new 2012 photo gallery but you need 7 photos to make a montage. ... More

how to get comic books

Comic book subscriptions are the best way to ensure that you'll never miss an issue of your favorite comic books. Even better, you'll save 20% at TFAW.com! With a few clicks, you can easily subscribe to your favorite ... More

how to get a youtube name

The crew of young programmers at Softorino Inc. created a little app that helps you get YouTube Red features for free. Its truly a breath of fresh air for everyone who likes YouTube. The name of it is Softorino YouTube Converter. This quick promo will showcase all its key points: ... More

how to get an a for english year 8

Year 8 English tutoring at Matrix Education is known for its personalised teaching approach. See how Matrix can help improve your English skills! ... More

how to get from haneda airport to tokyo disney

Hi Optimistk, many thanks for your reply, but my question is how to get from Narita airport to disney. My flight will reach Narita at around 8.15pm. From there I will need a transport to reach my hotel in the Disney ... More

how to fix email on steam

Steam new PC verification code not sending I live in australia, and in the last few hours have tried to use my account with a couple PC's at a game den and the confirmation email for steam … ... More

how to get 50c on steam

12/06/2015 Get YouTube without the ads. Working... No thanks 1 month free. Find out why Close. HOW TO EARN 50$ ON STEAM?! - TUTORIAL HeyoPlayGames. Loading... Unsubscribe from HeyoPlayGames? ... More

how to get free amazon gift cards

Completing surveys online is one of the most popular ways to earn free Amazon gift cards at home. Its easy to see why taking surveys is simple, quick, free, ... More

how to fix noisy tappets

Excessive tappet noise is an indication that something needs attending to. Even the B series engine, renowned for tappet noise, is quite quiet in the valve gear with newly reground cam and followers. ... More

how to make your blog look nice

Tips on making visual content that people will love. I’ve come to rely on a lot of little tips for making visual content for Buffer blog posts. ... More

how to get email domain form gmail

This will ensure your emails are sent directly to Gmail’s servers, letting you use the Gmail service with your custom domain. This requires you to access your hosting account. This requires you to access your hosting account. ... More

how to get court documents in ontario

If you have any court orders or written legal agreements (e.g. a separation agreement) that show details of custody and or access to the child, you must send all original or court certified copies of court … ... More

asp.net how to get data from a column in database

When we use GetOleDBSchema to get the schema of an Oracle 8 table, we get numbers instead of keywords in the data type column.These numbers do not seem to be consistent with the data types for us to decode them either. We are using Ole Db for Oracle data provider from Microsoft. ... More

how to find the area of a circle using radius

An alternative method for calculating the circumference is by using the radius of the circle. The radius of a circle is the distance from the center to the edge of the circle. The radius equals half the diameter. ... More

how to get all characters in happy wheels

17/11/2018 · Happy Wheels is easy to figure out, and half the fun is watching your character get thrown around the screen as you mash the keyboard. Click Play , select any of the featured levels, and click Play Now!? to begin your … ... More

how to get alioth permit

We found that Tux4kids.alioth.debian.org is poorly socialized in respect to any social network. According to MyWot, Siteadvisor and Google safe browsing analytics, Tux4kids.alioth.debian.org is a fully trustworthy domain with mostly positive visitor reviews. ... More

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how to find the area of a kite with diagonals

This also entails that, given the side lengths and either bimedians or diagonals, you can calculate the angles of the quadrilateral, therefore you can calculate the area. For instance: We're now given a diagonal, which simply splits the quadrilateral into two triangles.

how to get the thieves guild to its former glory

I've finished Vex's and Delvin's side jobs for Windhelm, Markarth, and Whiterun. The only city I have to do quests for is Solitude to get the achievement, but neither Vex nor Delvin will give me jobs in Solitude.

how to get from tokyo to osaka by shinkansen

Using trains to get to USJ from Tokyo will mean taking the Shinkansen, probably from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station, like the Tokaido Shinkansen services listed in the table below, all departing from Tokyo Station and arriving at Shin-Osaka Station.

how to help my baby learn to crawl

From sitting to crawling and cruising, find out how to help your baby learn to walk faster (and better). Parents. Parents Tips & Tricks. 10 Ways to Help a Frustrated Baby Learn to Crawl. Baby Growth Baby Learning Baby Play Help Baby Crawl Infant Activities 5 Month Old Baby Activities Future Baby Crawling Baby Parenting Tips. Practical tips to help babies learn the skills that they need to

how to go to assumption cathedral bangkok

Check out our guide on Assumption Cathedral in Bangkok so you can immerse yourself in what Bangkok has to offer before you go.

how to keep wifi running on iphone

19/08/2018 · Tip. Once you have connected your iPhone to your Windows XP PC via USB or Wi-Fi, in the main panel of iTunes click the tab representing the content you want to sync with your iPhone.

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Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 6H2

Scotland: Edinburgh SCO, Hamilton SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Livingston SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B6

Wales: Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, Barry WAL, Newport WAL, Neath WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 5D3