adult learn how to walk again

A common long-term consequence of stroke is aphasia: difficulty using and comprehending language. New research, however, suggests that the brain is flexible enough to regain lost language abilities even years after a strokeand that, instead of slowly building up language abilities, starting with the hardest tasks may provide the most benefit. ... More

how to get to the end in minecraft creative mode

In summary, this app has a creative and adventurous story mode that can keep players on edge as well as a unique ability to show players a glimpse into the Minecraft world as if you were there yourself. However, it lacks the ability to fully give players the opportunity to … ... More

how to get back old instagram posts

I hope I can get back my account,, if Instagram send my account back is possible to get the pictures and videos back?? I think am asking to much but they should do that. How a big company don`t have all save it. Am more scare to open a new account spend my life there and same hacker can do the same to my account. They should have an option like get back my account how it was last month or the ... More

how to get into the tech industry

FORTUNE — The technology industry aims to invent the future. But for too many aspiring Silicon Valley workers, it’s their past that’s holding them back. ... More

how to find the area of a plot of land

Calculations made by this tool are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed by Land.Net®, Inc. ... More

how to get matte nail polish off skin

Add a matte black polish and wait to dry. Remove the tape, then outline the base of your nail in the same color. Remove the tape, then outline the base of your nail in the same color. Design by ... More

how to get a doctorate in physical therapy

Mount St. Joseph University's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program lasts 3 years (summer, fall and spring), and is equivalent to 9 semesters. What is the job market outlook for physical therapy? The current physical therapy job market is excellent. ... More

how to look at your skins on overwatch

Like most of Overwatchs Lunar New Year skins, Meis outfits for the Year of the Rooster are great. They caused a slight stir earlier today, though, when people who had previously believed ... More

how to get rid of a ruddy complexion

Rosacea, flushing, redness, ruddy complexion, broken capillaries and spider veins of the face. All these “Pink” vascular based conditions of the skin improve on average between percent with FotoFacial RF™ treatments. ... More

how to find specific activity radioactivity Specific Activity A sample of a nuclide may also contain other isotopes of the same element. For example, a sample of Sr-89 will contain stable Sr-84 and Sr-88 and contamination levels of radioactive Sr-85. ... More

how to fix object doesnt support this property or method

... More

how to get a loan for a semi truck

Many truck drivers have the desire to go into business for themselves but find that the ability to purchase their own semi truck or rig just is not possible. ... More

how to get to dragonspiral tower in pokemon black 2

Related questions Are there fishing rods in Black and White version? where can i find all fishing rods in pokemon emerald; Where can I find all fishing rods in FireRed? ... More

how to kill hornet hollow kinight

The Hollow Knight. The Hollow Knight contains the plague’s heart inside its body and is the fully-grown vessel. It is encountered in the Temple of the Black Egg. ... More

how to get dual displays working comsol hdmi splitter

Overview. Projecting Made Easy Connect the dots between the latest digital tools and the projection technology that proceeded them. HDMI to VGA Adapter with Micro-USB Power allows you to enjoy content from your laptop, smartphone or tablet on a VGA-enabled projector or screen. ... More

how to write a follow up letter for a proposal

Free No Response Follow-up to General Proposal Request This letter is provided absolutely FREE. To edit, print share and store this document online, register for a Rocket Lawyer account. ... More

how to get text messages from weeks ago telstra

Your going to need your share details, a HIN number or something similar. Failing that you should contact the share registry (it will list it on the ASX page of the company) and give the enough ID that they can give you your shares details. ... More

how to finish teak wood on a boat

Restoring a Teak Deck. by Claire (NSW Australia) Buying a lovely timber 36 footer sail boat that has some little bits of moss and other growing things in her now silver coloured teak deck. ... More

how to accept parental leave pay as employer

MYOB EXO Employer Services Paid Parental Leave 4 Setting up Paid Parental Leave Paid Parental Leave is added to employees’ pay in EXO Payroll as an Allowance. ... More

how to finish level 89 on tricky

Never Ending Level Game Walkthrough: Level 4 Click the "v" Level 5 Type (using keyboard) the background color of the screen, ie. green Level 7 Click the edge of the rectangle ... More

how to learn basic arabic language

Taking a course on Arabic language is a great way to learn the language basics. Courses go on for a few weeks to a few months in varied formats. You will learn basic sentence structure and the roots of verbs, as well as a large Arabic vocabulary. Many courses give students a strong foundation in the language which they can build upon later. Also, here is a course on ... More

how to get rid of cramps fast while running

• Proper Rest — most stomach cramps are brought on by indulging in extreme activities in a very fast speed. Resting for a while will help in eliminating the cramps. Resting for a while will help in eliminating the cramps. ... More

how to end an email

Email is one of a few primary forms of communication during the job search and in the workplace. While its important to thoughtfully compose each part of your message, a well-constructed email sign-off (the last line of your email and your signature) is essential to leaving the reader with a positive impression. ... More

how to get into bios new hdd

The BIOS recognizes the existence of my new drive in the Primary Slave position. However, I am having trouble configuring the BIOS to boot from the new drive. However, I am having trouble configuring the BIOS to boot from the new drive. ... More

how to get rid of phasmophobia

17/10/2009 · It took me YEARS to overcome phasmophobia - my fear of all spirits including one who saved me. In later years, I finally decided to fight it. In later years, I finally decided to fight it. The good spirit who once saved me had come again for me. ... More

how to grow hair faster in bald area naturally

9/11/2016 · Watch video · How to Grow Hair on Bald Head. There are some natural remedies to grow hair on bald head. The best way to grow hair on bald head is by providing nourishment to that scalp area. Watch this Video to Know more.... ... More

how to get wwcc for youth workers

Walla Walla Community College is hosting a screening of Paper Tigers, a film that captures the pain, danger, beauty and hopes of struggling teens—and the teachers armed with new science and fresh approaches that are changing lives for the better. ... More

how to lose weight after 40 and menopause

How To Lose Stomach Weight After Menopause Weight Loss Doctors In Albuquerque Nm How Does Fish Oil Lower Cholesterol How To Lose Stomach Weight After Menopause Muscle ... More

how to get dvd drive to play

If you are done with all settings, click on Burn button, insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD drive and get started burning DVD from flash drive pictures and movies. Once the burning is done, the DVD will be ejected automatically and then you can watch the DVD on your home DVD player hooked to TV. ... More

how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks for free

How To Lose Weight 20 Lbs In 2 Weeks Best Weight Loss Pills For Men From Walmart Free Rapid Weight Loss Meal Plans How To Lose Weight 20 Lbs In 2 Weeks Fast Weight Loss Over 40 Weight Loss Tea Ginger Turmeric Weight Loss Green Beans. ... More

how to fix error 651

The first step in finding the cause and solution for this error code is to ensure the modem is working properly. First of all, check to see that there are no other ... More

how to find interval linegraph

In graph theory, an interval graph is the intersection graph of a family of intervals on the real line. It has one vertex for each interval in the family, and an edge between vertices whose intervals intersect. ... More

how to hit a pitch shot different distances

The basic pitch shot however can be made easy if you just keep things simple. Really, all you are trying to do here is hit an abbreviated form of your full swing. With the right set up and technique it all comes down to controlling distance and trajectory. ... More

how to get paint out of carpet after it dries

After applying, and sitting a few minutes, the paint peeled off. Try to scrape it vs dissove it and wipe it off. I used a plastic putty knife. You could check the store for other products. Try to scrape it ... More

how to get more air when weezing

8/08/2014 · Deep breathing gets more nourishing oxygen into your body. Blood that is rich in oxygen will help you feel better, and give you more energy. Deep breathing also reaches the deepest depths of your lungs, and helps to expel and break up residue. ... More

how to expand screen on live cricket com au

31/12/2018 · Watch the ICC Cricket World Cup, the Ashes and the Women's Ashes live on Sky Sports Cricket in 2019! Before then watch every ball of England's Test and ODI series against Windies - … ... More

how to fix an ingrown toenail naturally

An ingrown toenail can be very painful and, if left untreated, could cause an infection that may lead to serious health problems. These natural methods to treat and prevent ingrown toenails should help ease your discomfort and prevent new ingrown toenails from occurring. ... More

how to get music on spotify from youtube 2017

July 11, 2010 July 5, 2017. There are millions of users all over the world who are already using Spotify. If you dont already know, Spotify is a music streaming service, which allows users to create playlists and listen to tracks from millions of artists worldwide. Previously, it hasnt been very easy to get your music on Spotify and as they are about to launch in the USA it is now very ... More

how to get ripped fast at home wikihow

At Home Fat Burning Workout How To Lose Weight Fast Wikihow How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Surgery At Home Fat Burning Workout How Fast Will You Lose Weight By Not Eating Lose 25 Pounds In Four Months How To Lose Weight When Youre Pregnant . At Home Fat Burning Workout How To Maintain Weight Loss After 50 Diet To Lose 50 Pounds At Home Fat Burning Workout How To Lose … ... More

aq wolrlds how to get pirate class

=AQW= How to Get The NEW Pirate & Alpha Pirate Class Variants! + Alpha Pirate ARMOR!! Загружено 27 сентября 2015 So, the new skillset for the Pirate classes in AQWorlds … ... More

how to get equinox waframe

I run into a lot of people that don't know how to play or play around an Equinox to get the most out of her, so i've compiled some helpful tips. ... More

how to get lara spencer& 39

Watch video · Lara Spencer, 47, is a co-anchor on ABC News’ Good Morning America, a position she’s held since March 2011. Before that, she was the anchor of … ... More

how to find a ground fault in a car

Now that you have narrowed down the problem to a particular portion of the circuit, you can begin more detailed testing to find the root cause. Say for instance you have an oil temperature fault code and you found that the signal wire intermittently drops to almost 0 volts while the sensor power supply and ground circuits are OK. At this point you would suspect a harness short to ground or a ... More

how to find my phone iphone

... More

how to get mac hard drive to work on windows

If you format your external hard drive to HFS, you can use it on MAC and Linux (by removing journaling). However, to use it on Windows you can HFS explorer (read only). ext4: This is a default file system for linux OS (including Raspberry Pi). ... More

how to get 2 tinder accounts

If you use both of them then two tinder accounts will be created as these two are separate ways of login. Hope this article helped you to use Tinder Without Facebook . We will keep updating this article if we find other ways to use tinder without Facebook . ... More

how to find master browser

30/08/2005 · Office with 9 PCs. All XP Pro SP2 Firewall off on all. All but 2 PCs have had the Computer Browser service disabled. One is the DHCP server as it has ICS on and shows as the master browser. ... More

how to find the density of a object

28/02/2013 · Objects with a density greater than 1g/ml will sink when placed in water. Objects with a density less than one will float when placed in water. If a block has a density of 0.1g/cm3 it will float ... More

how to find secret tunnels in your house

The tunnels were therefore expanded to create a number of secret escape routes throughout the house, linking the owners bedroom, the local church, and various other rooms with the tunnel system beneath. ... More

how to get scene back in streaming

4/05/2018 · Then in scene that was started by above code you can get scene ID 'sId' with this code: Please login or register to see this code. Same way you can send virtual device ID to the scene that was started by that VD. ... More

how to get css animation to work with scrolling

In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how to build UI elements which animate into view as the user scrolls down the page.The animation transitions will be accomplished using CSS3 while scrolling is detected using jQuery. This combination allows a more even split of code, and one day we might even be able to port this over to a pure CSS effect. Take a peek at my live demo to see the finished ... More

how to get rid of pepper spray

Cleaning bear spray off of you or your gear is similar to cleaning pepper spray off you or your gear. First off, it capsaicins can be an extreme irritant, and so you want to minimize harm. Stay calm, avoid rubbing affected areas or spreading the mess, and get to a well ventilated area to relieve irritation. ... More

how to find life time of dc device

The two-tier DC load method offers an alternative method by applying two sequential discharge loads of different currents and time durations. The battery first discharges at a low current for 10 seconds, followed by a higher current for 3 seconds (see Figure 4); … ... More

how to get rid of polyurethane smell

After the nth cleaning of it with vinegar and baking soda, I one day just duct taped it over to at least stop the smell, since it was winter and (enough) fresh air (for this particular smell) was hard to come by in our house without central air without us freezing to death. ... More

how to fix my brassy highlights

I just got blond highlights in my brown hair and I don't like them. They are brassy and uneven. I can't afford to go back to my stylist. Would it be crazy to try fixing this myself? ... More

how to know my graphics card details in windows 8

21/04/2013 I need to know if my Graphics Card is under 1gb but don't know how... Thanks a bunch! ... More

how to get really strong legs

” Put your focus on getting REALLY strong, and you will also look good as a result. We need to set a few rules when it comes to our Superhero Training Program: Focus on compound movements. We’re not doing isolation movements like calf raises, leg raises or bicep curl machines. Instead, we’re going to focus on compound movements like squats, deadllifts, overhead presses, pull ups, chin ... More

how to get marriage contract online

Antenuptial contracts set what we believe to be the cornerstones of successful unions. Think of your antenuptial contract (“ANC”), or colloquially known as a “Pre-nuptial contract”, as the foundation to … ... More

how to fix a lisp youtube

AutoCAD Help Autodesk Forums Autodesk Knowledge Network AutoCAD YouTube AutoCAD Help CADTutor MyCADSite. Tips, LISP Routines, & Macros Cadalyst CAD Tips LISP Routine Repository. Flair Search Help Question. Discussion Tutorial. Announcement Request. Posting Guidelines • Be nice to each other. Please read Reddiquette if you think your comment or post may be inappropriate. • … ... More

how to get the legendary cloak for ordos

Without the cape from this quest line you will never be able to get into the sanctuary for Ordos. To arbitrarily force PvP on PvE players is unreasonable unless the line ended without future repercussions... like the inability to visit a world boss. Just dumb. ... More

how to stop xbox live auto renewal paypal

19/02/2012 · Subscription purchase using a debit/credit card will automatically turn on the AUTO RENEWAL feature. If you don't like your account to renew, please call XBOX customer support. If you don't like your account to renew, please call XBOX customer support. ... More

how to get free puppy insurance

Insurance For Pets With Pre-existing Conditions Get a quote Cover for past medical issues We can cover your pet if it has been treatment, medication and advice free for … ... More

how to fix dsl failed to connect

Connection Settings. Depending on the type of high-speed Internet connection and Internet Service Provider, certain settings may need to be programmed into your router. ... More

how to track parental leave claim

Parental leave The ASU has put a claim that primary carer leave (also known as maternity leave) should be 14 weeks at the time of the birth of the employee’s child and that secondary carers leave (also known as paternity leave) of 4 weeks should be paid. ... More

how to get a small business loan in michigan is a "NO FEE" loan matching service. We will help you get the personal or small business loan you need! We know it can be a frustrating task to find a loan … ... More

how to keep python app up and running in docker

Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes. by Gigi I’ll use as a running example a Python 3 quote REST API service. Let’s jump in. The Quote Service. The quote service is a REST API that lets you add quotes and get a list of all quotes. It is implemented as a Python 3 web service using the excellent hug library. It exposes a single endpoint called /quotes. You can get all quotes or post a ... More

how to know if a phone number is real

Caller ID is a service that is provided by phone companies that enables you to view the phone number of incoming callers. When you know who is calling, you can decide to skip the call, block the number or call back at a later time. ... More

how to fix sagging headliner without removing

What could make the headliner to sag? It could be an old car, poor maintenance, or that long trip you took in the sunny (aka HOT) southern California. ... More

how to find linear equation with gradient and y intercept

25/08/2018 Assuming you're talking about a linear (straight-line) equation, you would use the standard slope/y-intercept form, y = mx + b. Use the given slope for m, the coefficient of x. Use the given y-intercept for b, the constant in the equation. For example, if the slope is 3 and the y-intercept is -5, the equation would be y = mx + b = 3x + (-5) = 3x - 5. ... More

how to get big traps fast

Its time to pull out the big guns and get rid of those ants with chemical pesticides. The first thing you should think about treating is the tires. As the only contact point with the ground, this is how the ants must be getting in and out of your car and treating the tires with chemicals makes it ... More

how to get a soldier in minecraft

9/01/2018 · In this Minecraft Mods video we will be fighting against Mark and seeing if we can win with our soldiers mod, this is by far the coolest soldiers mod I have tested out in my Minecraft gameplay ... More

how to know what harry potter house you re in

Which Harry Potter House would you belong in? Are you a cunning Slytherin, a brave Gryffindor, a hard-working Hufflepuff (who are particularly good finders) or a witty Ravenclaw? Are you a cunning Slytherin, a brave Gryffindor, a hard-working Hufflepuff (who are particularly good finders) or … ... More

parsons state insane asylum how to get in

The local insane asylum of the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. ... More

how to get synergy boost pokken

11/03/2016 Get YouTube without the ads. Working... No thanks 3 months free. Find out why Close. Pokken Tournament - ALL BURST ATTACKS! shofu. Loading... Unsubscribe from shofu? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working ... More

how to get rid of scale on plants outdoors

In areas with hot summers, pruning to open up canopies can reduce populations of black scale, citricola scale, cottony cushion scale, and possibly other scales by increasing scale mortality from exposure to heat and parasites. Consider replacing problem-prone plants. ... More

how to get into a relationship with a guy

Or maybe, you have no problem getting into a relationship with a shy guy, but long-term need to see his masculine side come through for things to last. There are numerous permutations, and you have to decide where your line is i.e. how much shyness are you willing to ... More

how to find video film on panasonic lumix dmc tz60

PANASONIC LUMIX - DMC-TZ60 18.1MP 30X OPTICAL ZOOM Amazing Condition With Charger Contact Ross at the Hull store for more details. X This site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. ... More

how to get content on flipboard

That tension between Flipboards interests and the interests of content companies or media outlets was highlighted again on Tuesday, with the news that the company has launched a web version of its platform, which allows Flipboard content to be viewed through any web browser. ... More

how to get a more defined jaw

Well as you get older, it may change quite a bit. Guys will have jaw growth until they are close to 18. It will probably stay pretty square, and if you don't gain any weight, it will more than likely just become more defined. ... More

how to go back to area 51 on moon

He knew it did not happen during Apollo 11, because he was clear of the events surrounding the first landing on the moon, which was Apollo 11. He also knows it was not Apollo 13 because he distinctly remembers the problems surrounding the Apollo 13 flight. ... More

how to grow cherry guava

12/05/2014 · I'd rather eat my fruit raw, but the cherry guava (also known as strawberry guava) is a patchy beast. Some of the fruit is luscious and some similar-looking is not so. ... More

how to get a job at kmart site

Assist the Site Manager in all aspects of running the store and team management. Move your career up a gear with us! 24 hours per week. Move your career up a gear with us! 24 hours per week. Senior Finance Manager Finance Systems & Process ... More

how to get out of paralyzing in monster hunter

A quadripedal Fanged Wyvern, the Great Girros' head resembles something of a cobra, with fangs that secrete paralysis venom into its enemies. Covered in black scales, with hints of red beneith its ... More

how to get to schauinslandbahn from freiburg

Finding the right shuttle bus from EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg to Freiburg can become quite a chore if you dont know where to look. We created CheckMyBus with that in mind: to help you find the right bus! You can compare all the offers available and select the perfect bus! Go for the fastest bus if you're pressed for time, select the least expensive one if you want to get more bang ... More

how to get to toronto island

Somewhere between 600 and 700 people, cats, dogs, raccoons and a growing number of coyotes live on Toronto Island, in 262 wood-frame homes that sit on two islands: Wards and Algonquin. The homes on Wards Island are cheek-by-jowl, originally built on tent sites dating back to the early 1900s. ... More

how to get to canyon cove

I used to go to Canyon Cove as a kid - it had a diferent name then (I forget what the name is now) and the massive pool was a massive mess. We couldn't even get cellphone signal at the resort! Now it looks like the place got a revamp. Must visit again! ... More

how to look beautiful at 47

Need translate "you look beautiful" to Nepali? Here's how you say it. ... More

how to lose water weight for an event

By measuring your weight before and after training or a test event and correcting for any fluids taken in, you will get an individual rate of fluid lost for those conditions. For example, a 70kg athlete who loses 200 grams during a one hour training session whilst drinking a 500ml drink will have a gross loss of: ... More

how to get tied up

18/01/2008 · Hola: ¿Me pueden sugerir unas manera de decir esta frase en el sentido de que unas tareas ocupan a uno inesperadamente? Ejemplo: "Sorry I didn't call you back earlier, I got tied up … ... More

how to find a percentage of an amount

How to calculate percentage of an amount. Ask Question 0. I don't know if this is the right forum to ask, but i need to have a % from an amount, and hope there is a formula to calculate it. Example: Some payment methods have a 1.8% fee of the total amount a user has in their shopping basket. Now i want, that if the user selects one of those payments, that they have to pay those 1.8%. but when ... More

how to fix glass on wooden table

Glass Table Redo Sofa Table Redo Glass Wood Table Diy Coffee Table Coffee Table Makeover Redone Coffee Table Glass Top Coffee Table Diy Table Furniture Projects Forward Love the table idea but also looking around the living room I see a couple other projects I would love to get started - Coffee Table ... More

how to get cream cheese lumps out of soup

Add cream cheese, butter or olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, and basil. Blend with an immersion blender until desired consistency. Blend with an immersion blender until desired consistency. If the soup is too thick, thin it out with water. ... More

how to get a female bard skyrim

This Skyrim Female Dragonborn Statue Deserves to Sit on Your Shelf June 22, 2018 by gamerevolution Leave a Comment Just when you thought you didnt have more than enough Skyrim merchandise sitting at home, youre proven wrong thanks to this beautiful Female Dragonborn statue. ... More

how to get rust marks out of sheets

Toss a fabric softener sheet in your dryer along with your wet clothing. The softening agent is thought to leave behind a silky residue that will block rust from forming. The softening agent is thought to leave behind a silky residue that will block rust from forming. ... More

how to know my domain name

Domain names for sale also provide your business with a great starting point for online marketing and promotion. You can use them to quickly tell internet users who you are and what you offer. You can create sub-domains specifically for certain products or services, and use them to draw web traffic. In addition, website names can also be used offline with print ads, billboards, and TV ads as a ... More

borderlands pre sequel how to get more weapon slots

Under the Misc tab, insert 4 for "Weapon Slots" (next to last item in the list). damn thank you for that information .. just got this game a 2 weeks or less and been wanting to know that. can u insert more without hurting the save game ... More

how to never give up in life

Never give up is the secret behind every successful person in the world. Everyone should have to take never give up as a pledge in their life. ... More

trimmer automatic line feed how to fix

The cutting string inside your Ryobi trimmer wraps around a spool, which connects to a spring. When you bump the head during operation this spring pushes on the spool to feed out more string. ... More

how to find a producer for short film

22/01/2016 · Back when I was working as a studio liaison for Sony, a co-worker of my wife was shooting a micro-budget short film and asked me for some guidance as a producer. I knew that they needed a diner ... More

how to get principal reduction on mortgage

Principal reductions, sometimes referred to as “cramdowns,” occur when a lender reduces a home mortgage loan’s principal to the appraised value of the securing property. ... More

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how to interview well and get the job

In today's job market, it's not just about a candidate's ability to do a job. It's about how they'll potentially fit into the company's culture. The more a hiring manager talks about how you'll fit into the mold at a company, the better. It means they see you as a good fit.

how to fix my sore neck

My question is, after sleeping on my back all night, I wake up and my head is forward as hell when I check in the mirror, and the back of my neck is sore. Is that a …

trimmer automatic line feed how to fix

A - Most Flymo electric grass trimmers have auto feed. This doesn't mean it feeds automatically at full speed; it works on centrifugal force on starting and stopping. When starting, the spool is allowed to rotate, allowing about 10mm of line to be fed out from the spool.

how to find out if jewelry is real gold

9/01/2017 · If you are looking to buy gold jewelry, you will want to make sure that you are buying the real deal and not a fake. Too many small jewelry stores and pawn shops try to pass fake gold off as being real.

how to get to christmas island from uk

Christmas Island Airport is the closest major airport to Christmas Island. Christmas Island Airport (Christmas Island, Australia) Right now, 3 airlines operate out of Christmas Island Airport.

You can find us here:

Australian Capital Territory: Hackett ACT, Williamstown ACT, Pierces Creek ACT, Bonner ACT, Emu Ridge ACT, ACT Australia 2613

New South Wales: Dum Dum NSW, Sans Souci NSW, Grange NSW, Marsden NSW, Mallowa NSW, NSW Australia 2073

Northern Territory: Lyons NT, Tivendale NT, Tivendale NT, Kalkarindji NT, Parap NT, Malak NT, NT Australia 0833

Queensland: Rathdowney QLD, Laravale QLD, Inglewood QLD, Fraser Island QLD, QLD Australia 4086

South Australia: Long Plains SA, Swan Reach SA, West Lakes Shore SA, Yunta SA, Coomunga SA, Virginia SA, SA Australia 5097

Tasmania: Flowerpot TAS, Arthurs Lake TAS, Wattle Hill TAS, TAS Australia 7014

Victoria: Merriang South VIC, Sunderland Bay VIC, Buckley Swamp VIC, Caroline Springs VIC, Yallourn North VIC, VIC Australia 3006

Western Australia: Kwobrup WA, Mira Mar WA, Subiaco WA, WA Australia 6028

British Columbia: Victoria BC, Dawson Creek BC, Campbell River BC, Comox BC, North Vancouver BC, BC Canada, V8W 6W2

Yukon: Gordon Landing YT, Aishihik YT, Robinson YT, Quill Creek YT, Minto Bridge YT, YT Canada, Y1A 2C5

Alberta: Drumheller AB, Warner AB, Mundare AB, Cowley AB, Bassano AB, Stettler AB, AB Canada, T5K 9J5

Northwest Territories: Reliance NT, Wrigley NT, Nahanni Butte NT, Aklavik NT, NT Canada, X1A 5L5

Saskatchewan: Rouleau SK, Torquay SK, Indian Head SK, Annaheim SK, Rhein SK, Kyle SK, SK Canada, S4P 5C3

Manitoba: Winnipeg MB, Sainte Rose du Lac MB, MacGregor MB, MB Canada, R3B 8P5

Quebec: Saguenay QC, Sept-Iles QC, Vaudreuil-Dorion QC, Chateauguay QC, Saint-Hyacinthe QC, QC Canada, H2Y 2W5

New Brunswick: Saint-Isidore NB, Florenceville-Bristol NB, Gagetown NB, NB Canada, E3B 7H9

Nova Scotia: Canso NS, Victoria NS, Liverpool NS, NS Canada, B3J 8S9

Prince Edward Island: Valleyfield PE, Eastern Kings PE, Lot 11 and Area PE, PE Canada, C1A 6N4

Newfoundland and Labrador: Fogo Island NL, Traytown NL, Belleoram NL, Flatrock NL, NL Canada, A1B 2J3

Ontario: Elmwood, Grey County ON, Rathburn ON, Elizabeth Bay ON, Linton, Antrim ON, Thunder Bay ON, Long Beach, Kawartha Lakes ON, ON Canada, M7A 7L6

Nunavut: Arviat NU, Arviat NU, NU Canada, X0A 4H1

England: St Helens ENG, Bedford ENG, Halifax ENG, Bournemouth ENG, Gosport ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 5A4

Northern Ireland: Belfast NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 3H2

Scotland: Kirkcaldy SCO, Paisley SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B7

Wales: Neath WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Neath WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D2